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We diligently promote parent participation and the involvement of other family members, caregivers, teachers, and service providers throughout your child’s unique applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment plan. We emphasize parent training and ongoing support to the people who influence our clients’ lives every day.



We aren’t just interested in seeing results when working with your child from across a table.  At All Better Together we’re always thinking ahead to the next step, teaching skills in a way that will transfer to daily life.  Our team designs a plan for your child that connects all the work we do.  The techniques of ABA allow us to build skills step by step, not being satisfied until real world applications have been achieved.

Like you, we set our sights on your child’s future and teach the skills necessary to prepare her or him for a life of independence, quality relationships, and the responsibilities that come with it.  While we recognize that not everyone’s full potential will include a 9-5 job and living on one’s own, we promote autonomy and teach skills that will ensure quality interactions with family, friends, school, and the community at large to the furthest extent that their potential can take them.



We have some of the best. Attracting and retaining motivated and talented staff is the key ingredient for achieving great success in your child.  With our employee-centric approach, we invest in our clinicians so they can focus their talents on your child.  We provide top pay by limiting unnecessary overhead costs, easy to manage schedules, and policies to promote healthy work-life balance and job satisfaction.


All Better Together was founded in 2015 serving Walnut Creek, CA and surrounding areas throughout the East Bay. In 2024 we expanded our services into our founder’s home state of Indiana in Fort Wayne to bring high quality care to families across NE Indiana.

ABT’s approach starts with the goal of achieving real-world results that empowers success and independence where the child and family need it most, their daily lives outside of therapy time. Everything we do is centered around meeting our families’ goals while firmly adhering to the standard of individualized and compassionate care in the field today.

Our mission is to provide compassionate and effective treatment programs and exceptional parent support by competent, caring professionals who love what they do. We enforce high standards of competency from our team members and ensure they have the skills, support and resources they need to do amazing work every day. We pride ourselves on treating staff respectfully, thoughtfully, and ensure we’re demonstrating our appreciation of the value they bring to our clients and to ABT as an organization. We encourage those interested in a career with ABT to get in touch and ask us how.

We provide some of the best compensation packages in the area, flexible schedules, transparent and responsive communication all throughout our small but mighty organization, and frequent, close level support at all levels. BCBA’s are not over-extended. We ensure responsible case load sizes that align with established ABA treatment guidelines. This allows them to be available to truly provide the amount of oversight their clients’ programs need and are readily available to support the dedicated RBT’s they oversee.

ABT has a proven track record and an established reputation of providing high quality services throughout the Bay Area in California and are excited to bring our personal and individualized services to Northeast Indiana. We’ve been able to maintain our commitment to quality in large part precisely because we refuse to compromise our core values. We are not and never will be beholden to distant profit-obsessed corporate entities that are all too often willing to sacrifice the quality of care clients receive and the quality of the work experience of employees. Our founder and sole owner has been in the field of ABA for nearly a quarter century. He truly loves the field and the benefit it can bring to individuals and families when applied with compassion, acceptance, and most of all, competence.


ABT’s founder, owner, and executive director, Tony Alberding, was born in Fort Wayne, IN and grew up in rural Adams County. He found his way to the field of ABA in 2001 when an unexpected summer job opportunity during his undergrad years at Purdue changed the trajectory of his life. He got to be part of and see first-hand the extraordinary benefits that can be achieved through applied behavior analysis, especially for those diagnosed with autism at a time when there was far less known about how to help and support neurodiverse individuals or their families than is known today. He found a passion and professional calling, continued to work as a 1:1 ABA therapist (they weren’t called Behavior Technicians back then) for the remainder of undergrad, and moved to Los Angeles shortly after earning his B.A. in Psychology. He wanted to be right in the heart of where ABA for autism began and where the best opportunities were for a career in what was at the time a fledgling field. In the years that followed he spent his professional life working 1:1 with children and adults across a wide range of neurodiversity all across the United States. He worked with them every day for almost a decade before going back for a master’s degree and BCBA certification learning and seeing up close the full range of challenges and barriers neurodiverse populations and their caregivers are up against.

Those many years working one on one were invaluable when it came to developing appreciation and a deep respect for the enormous amount of time, resources, and effort required not only by neurodiverse individuals trying to navigate this complicated world, but also the demands and burdens parents and caregivers must contend with in support of the ones they love and care for. It’s hard enough for anyone to learn and apply the skill sets needed to live with independence, autonomy, and the dignity that comes with it. It is infinitely more challenging when the world around them and most of the people in it do not understand or seem to regard the unique and varied ways a neurodiverse mind experiences that world. He saw this disconnect happening in schools, in his clients’ communities, and even among the funding sources that are supposed to be paying for the very services that can help.

Over time Mr. Alberding realized there were limitations to serving families solely in a 1:1 capacity. With that in mind, in 2008 after the better part of decade of immersion working 1:1 with clients and families, Mr. Alberding went back to school for a Master’s degree in Special Education through Ball State University and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2010. Five years later in 2015, he decided to apply all the lessons he learned over those years working 1:1 and later as an overseeing clinician, including the great and at times not so great employment experiences he had working at various organizations all across the country. He took that wealth of training and experience and formed All Better Together.

ABT’s first location is in the city he lived in at the time, Walnut Creek, CA. There he and his team served families at the clients’ homes, schools, and communities throughout the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than nine years, ABT, under Mr. Alberding’s leadership, has been offering personalized high quality ABA services as a small scale in-home provider throughout the East Bay and continue to do so today with the amazing clinical and administrative team headquartered there.

Then in 2024, Mr. Alberding moved back to his home state of Indiana full time to be with his family as well as to fulfill a goal he’s had since the beginning of his career, to help grow this field he loves in the very place that instilled the values which have guided him throughout his career.

When not nerding out on all things ABA and B.F. Skinner, you’ll likely find Tony and his amazing wife Eileen out on the motorcycle heading somewhere fun to go camping, preferably somewhere with a lake or river to fish.


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